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ST001003 PV inverter ventilation hose
Product Name:ST001003 PV inverter ventilation hose
Product Name:ST001003
Product Description

Product Name: PV inverter, ventilation hose, inverter air duct
Product description:
Material: silicon titanium fireproof cloth, galvanized iron sheet. Skeleton material: ceramic fiber
Surface material: imported flame retardant platinum silicone resin 0.35mm
Hardness (Shao A): 55
Tensile strength (N/mm): 70
Adhesion (N/mm): 4
Features: temperature range: -70 ~ 310 DEG C; high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, anti-aging, long service life, flame retardant, good tightness, high flexibility
Specifications: thickness: 0.6mm-1.2mm (size according to actual requirements)
Application range:
1. Used for ventilation, heat dissipation, shock absorption and displacement compensation of large chassis, cabinet and electric locomotive.
2, petrochemical enterprises: boiler, industrial furnace flue gas desulfurization device, wet and dry ventilation duct.
3 、 iron and steel plant: blast furnace, converter, thermal power plant, boiler, gas turbine exhaust system.
4, smelting plant: combustion furnace for the exhaust system.
5. Cement plant: kiln, dust collection, smoke and dust treatment equipment system.
6. Equipment: dust collector, absorption tower, air heater, blower equipment import and export.
7. Used for occasions of temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and long weather resistance.

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