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ST001008 high temperature resistant fire resistant
Product Name:ST001008 high temperature resistant fire resistant
Product Name:ST001008
Product Description

Performance characteristics:
Special high temperature resistant fireproof cloth (steel wire) for smoke exhaust fan, this product has unique high temperature resistance, air permeability, aging resistance, soft performance, good toughness and strong air tightness. Is a multi-purpose, high-performance synthetic materials, widely used in aerospace, chemical, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgy, fire, grain storage, fan, ventilation and other fields.
The utility model has the functions of fire prevention, smoke exhaust, noise elimination, vibration isolation, etc. the utility model can be applied to the soft joint and the variable diameter interface of the smoke exhaust system of the building, and is an ideal smoke exhaust material for building. Its characteristics, high temperature performance, work pressure, gas flow rate of 20 meters / sec, long service life, acid, alkali, oil, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, light weight, easy installation.
Properties: muffler. Isolation, absorption of fan noise, partition fan, wind vibration tube. The constant temperature and humidity, corrosion, acid.
Temperature range: the temperature in 300 degrees environment, can use more than 6 hours, 250 degrees can be used for a long time, resistance to instantaneous high temperature 600 degrees, at -70 degrees low temperature, still maintain good material performance, wind pressure: 150-5000pa
Material: double layer silicon titanium glue, stainless steel wire, glass fiber blending, high performance synthetic material, material thickness 1.2mm
Dimensions: shapes and flanges are fabricated according to the drawings supplied by the buyer, 600*450*550 and 600*450*200
Wind turbine soft, fireproof soft connection, soft material type coating machine with thermoplastic forming process because of the presence of the crystallization shape volume changes, inner stress, frozen in plastic parts in the residual stress, molecular orientation and strong elements, and therefore the thermosetting plastic phase ratio shortening rate is larger, the size and direction of shortening width significantly, shorten the other after forming and annealing or wet shortened after treatment is usually larger than thermosetting plastics.
When the material is formed, the melt and the outer surface of the cavity are touched and the outer layer is cooled at once to form a low density solid shell. Because of the poor thermal conductivity of plastic, the inner part of the plastic part is cooled slowly to form a large solid layer with high density. Therefore, the wall thickness, cooling rate and thickness of the high-density layer are shortened greatly. In addition, there are inserts and inserts, planning, quantity directly affect the direction of material flow, density distribution and shorten the size of resistance, etc., so the characteristics of plastic parts to shorten the size and direction of the greater impact.

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